Water Quality Monitoring

Long-term water quality monitoring is essential to establishing reliable water quality baselines and changes over time and in assessing the effectiveness of targeted implementation projects. Engaging stakeholders in private or public water quality monitoring opportunities educates and promotes watershed stewardship. It is also important for publicly available water quality parameters to be accessible to the public, and in a user-friendly format. Public and private stakeholders ranked water quality monitoring as the highest priority for the English River Watershed Management Authority. 

Most Recent Water Quality Data

As Of: 10/09/2017 (PDF)

Interpreting Water Quality Data

Quick Guide for Understanding Lab Results (PDF)

Map of Monitoring Sites

Including Site Descriptions/Locations (PDF)


Interactive Webmap

How To Use The Webmap:

Explore the webmap below to view water quality data. The English River Watershed continually updates the webmap as new sampling data is collected.

  • To view specific data at a single site in the watershed, click on the dot. Clicking on the dot will open a table showing results from the selected contaminant. 
  • To change contaminant/lab test, open the legend on the left side of the webmap by clicking the double arrows. Then click the contaminant layers on and off. Only 1 contaminant can be viewed at a time.
  • Data presented in the tables does not include units. The webmap legend includes the units for each test.
  • Change the basemap by clicking on the box below the zoom out icon.
  • Search for your address with the search bar in the upper right corner of the webmap.
  • Zoom in or out to focus on specific sites or subwatersheds.